Brooklyn – Still Critical Because of Sepsis, She is Now Found Heart Worm Positive

3/2/16 – brooklyn 3:2:16 Brooklyn w:toys 3:2:16Update on the pregnant dog taken in over the weekend. Last night this sweet girl tested positive for Heart worm Disease. She has already been through so much, but we have no intention of giving up on her now. She needed an emergency C-Section followed by treatment for going septic. There were complications from her pregnancy and 2 of her 4 babies were deceased inside of her. She is 8 yrs old and the pups were premature and the ones with a heartbeat needed to be euthanized.
*This is why you should Spay or Neuter your animals*

As for the Heartworm Disease we will be consulting with a few doctors to see what treatment options there are for her. She is at risk because of her age. Heart worm is a blood parasite that is transmitted from a mosquito. The worms live in the pulmonary chambers of the heart and can suffocate the heart causing death. There is a prevention that is recommended for your dog during heartworm season. Once positive, the treatment is to kill the worms off which is another risk and can be fatal. It is expensive to treat and can take up to a year to kill of the worms successfully.
*This is why your animal should be on Heartworm Prevention*

Please keep the prayers coming for this sweet girl, and if you would like to help towards her medical care we would appreciate any assistance.
Thank you, Gina

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