Toby – His Owner Advertised Him for Free on Craig’s List

3/2/16 – It was September 18, 2014 when we received the following e-mail:

“I just rescued a puppy Friday who was listed Free on Craig’s List. Come to find out, he has never seen a vet (no shots or neutering), and he was diagnosed with Dermodedic Mange. His whole body is covered in pinkish red sores, and they have begun to open up.”

Thankfully, we were in a position to not only take care of several bouts with the Mange but also to have Toby neutered and vaccinated. Here is the photo Kathleen, the rescuer, provided the first time and here he is today — happy and healthy in his loving home.toby9:18:14 toby 3:2:16 toby++ 3:2:16

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