Cookie – Another Sleepover with Gina and Angel

3/19/16 cookie 3:19:16Cookie and Angel 3:19:16Cookie Update,
I took this little doll home for the weekend to give her some loving. She had more radiographs taken on Thursday, and now we know why she is so painful. She has a spinal lesion between her 2nd and 3rd cervical vertebrae (neck), she has a calcified disc and spondylosis at T11-12 and disk space narrowing between vertebrae T9 and T10. This is why her back is haunched, her neck hurts, and she is at times unsteady on her feet. She has to wear a harness instead of a collar, restricted jumping, and pain/antiflammatory meds as needed. The injuries don’t look new and we don’t know the cause. All we know is she has been in pain and untreated until she was brought to us.  At least now she is being loved and cared for by all of us.  ~ Gina

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