Lost and Abandoned Cats of February, 2016

2/16/16 – You would think this is kitten season with all of the cats and kittens who have been rescued over the last two months. I truly thank God for all of the wonderful, caring people who will hang out into the evening in this cold weather trying to trap what usually becomes a domesticated cat who has been thrown out of his home or maybe became lost. Here are just a few who have found themselves into warm homes or warm outdoor shelters. All medical paid with 4 Paws 1 Heart dollars; thanks to our donors. ~ diana12717299_1092599427439021_7567114643741233591_n 12717299_1092599664105664_2524182500803406509_n12717742_1092599487439015_4538510080369553255_n12742373_1092598580772439_4721913776455267791_n12745797_1092599907438973_5479587711117487994_n

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