Fundraisers – 2016

2/11/16 – In just the last two weeks, 4 Paws 1 Heart has paid for 30 cats and two dogs, rescued from the streets, to be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and tested. This does not include the two cases Gina just took on and some of the more extensive cases such as the two eye removals that will be coming up, as well as the continuing care of Carlos.

But, we can only do as much as we have funds to cover. Therefore, we are all working hard to raise money — either through individual donations or through fundraisers. Mark you calendars for our upcoming events and we truly hope that you can attend at least one of them. Our fundraisers are all about fun and saving the abandoned and abused. Also, don’t forget about our limited edition of 4 Paws 1 Heart Socks campaign running now through February 15. Thanks for your continued support! ~ diana60's revolutionpainting w:a twistbowling may 21, 2016 save the date

Cupid – Almost Lost His Life Because of Backyard Breeders – Still Needs Prayers

2/10/16 –cupid2:10:16♡ Cupid ♡
I had to post this pic of Cupid from last night. He is adorable with such an obvious will to live, and I will do my best to help make that happen. It takes a village and this started with the doctors and techs who worked on him for 24 hours in the hospital. He was seizuring and lifeless with at least 11 different nutrients that were depleted from his body, yet vital for his survival. Without the medicine, fluids, and aggressive hourly care I could never have taken over his needs. They are the true hero’s here! ♡♡ Gina

Cupid – Prayers Needed for This Baby Born to Backyard Breeders

2/9/16 – Cupid 2:9:16Cupid---2:9:16Cupid**2:9:16Many Prayers are needed right now for this puppy I am calling Cupid. He is the result of breeding by uneducated humans who had no clue about proper nutrition. He was weaned from the mom at about 4 weeks old, and then he was given human milk only for another 4 weeks. He was adopted for a hefty price and then taken to a vet for vaccines. The next day he was taken to emergency unresponsive. Dr. Graves and the staff worked aggressively to get him stabilized, and after 24 hours a decision had to be made. Ultimately, he was surrendered to 4 paws 1 heart for a chance to survive. This puppy is 1 pound of all bones and his eyes were sealed shut. He reminds me of our little Peanut we recently posted about. Malnourishment cases like this take weeks of recovery and can have permanent issues with growth. Only time will tell, but because he is making baby steps of improvement I am happy! Therefore, I will try my best. Gina

Buster – Abandoned Outdoors for 2 and 1/2 Years – May Get A Forever Home

2/9/16 – This handsome boy was being fed for 2+ years by employees at a local manufacturing plant. Unfortunately, the plant is moving its operations and the employees were worried about what would become of him. We were contacted to see if we could help with re-locating him and medical needs. Well, Buster was finally trapped, neutered, vaccinated, and now may be going to a forever home. Please keep your paws crossed. Your donations and support of our fundraisers, do make miracles happen! ~ diana

Buster 2:9:16

Limited Edition Socks on Sale Through February 15, 2016

2/8/16 – The Chance/Hercules/4Paws 1 Heart Socks Sale begins today and will last one week. Ten pairs of socks have to be sold before production begins so please share, share, share. Here is the link to purchase your specially designed socks where a percentage of the profit will go to helping the abandoned and abused like Chance and Hercules.

Just in case you forgot. Chance came to 4 Paws 1 Heart from a high-kill shelter with both of his back legs paralyzed. After several months of therapy and loving care from his foster mom, our little Superhero is walking again. Hercules came to us from an animal control officer who made the owner surrender little two-month old Hercules after learning that the owner broke both of Hercules’ back legs because “he got into the garbage”. Dr. Tari Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets worked miracles for Chance and Hercules to make them the healthy pets they are today. ~ Please share and let’s get some socks sold. ~ Thanks, diana4 Paws Crew Socks

Ginger – She Roamed the Street With A Shot Gun Wound and Heart Worm – Update

2/8/16 – I wanted to start your work week with another Happy Beginning. Some of you may remember our girl, Ginger. It was last March, 2015 when I was contacted by a woman who had rescued Ginger from the street. Ginger had been shot and appeared to be in great pain. Arrangements were made to have her taken to the Animal Urgent and Critical Care Center where she would be seen by a very special veterinarian, Dr. Graves, and overseen by Gina. It was determined that Ginger had many bullet fragments in her hock and, unfortunately, she was also found heart worm positive. The surgery had to happen because Ginger’s wound was already infected but the fact that Ginger had heart worm, made the surgery very dicey. Ginger made it through surgery, and when she was stronger, the heart worm treatment began. Much to our delight, our good friend, Brendan, was following her story and decided to adopt her. Fast forward to almost one year later and here she is — healthy and loving life. We are so happy for this sweet girl, she has the best dad!! Here she is today and when we were first contacted.~ diana

Ginger w:brendanDever2:7:16Ginger and Friends w:Brendan Dever 2:7:16gingerwbrendandever71815-265x300gingerwginapiscopo3615-225x300

Carlos – His Tumor Was Cancerous

chance 2:5:16


2/6/16 – Sad news about Carlos but we are committed to him and we won’t let him down. Here is Chance’s update. ~ diana

“Hello Team Chance! Soooo, We have the results of Carlos’s tumor that was removed and sent out. Carlos has Spindle Cell Sarcoma, which is a type of cancer. Although the tumor was removed, apparently there are still remaining cancer cells. These tumors can pop up anytime and they grow very aggressively. This type of cancer can occur in younger animals and likely was the cause of the tumor removed when he was with a previous owner as a kitten causing the majority of his tail to be removed and the cause of his latest tumor that was removed and the remaining 3 vertebre of his tail. Carlos is estimated to be 9yrs old now. Due to his age and the commitment required to care for him, Auntie Di and mom feel its best that Carlos remain in the 4 Paws 1 Heart Family where 4 Paws 1 Heart can be sure his medical needs are met and he can be loved and cherished the way he deserves. Carlos also needs a stress free environment preferably without other pets so his needs and happiness can be the main focus. So until that purrrfect home is found and decided upon we will continue giving Carlos all our love. We will keep you up on our sweet, sweet boy. Love & Purrrs, Chance”

Carlos 2:5:16



Shih Tzu Five – Brought to Gina at Only 1 Week Old – Update

2/6/16 -YOU DID IT!!! Thank you to all of our generous friends and, of course, our Secret Valentine. We reached our goal of raising $2,000 which will be matched. I can’t express how thankful we all are for such wonderful, supporting friends. Along with this good news, I just want to update all of you on the Shih Tzu Five. Again, Thank YOU.

I’ve been calling these cuties the Shih Tzu Five even though they are Shih Tzu/Yorkie mixes. They all have names and there is only one who has not yet been spoken for. Please don’t be too disappointed with us if you applied for adoption and wasn’t accepted. Gina feels very strongly about having fenced-in yards, as well as making sure the family/home will be the perfect fit. She also does not believe in releasing them too early, even though they didn’t have a dog mom to train them, Gina, Amanda, and their animal crews have fulfilled the role of moms. Thank You, once again, for helping us make miracles happen. ~ diana

ShihTzu Five2:6:16ShihTzu5-12:25:16