Napoleon- Alone Walking the Streets of Detroit

2/22/16 – Meet Napoleon rescued by Brian D.a few months ago. We have worked with Brian before with other dogs he has rescued and we are very happy to help him with his efforts. He has a true love for these abandoned animals. Here is Napoleon’s story. ~ diana

“I found him walking the streets of Detroit. After contacting all the shelters and rescues, no one could take him in. I checked many sites and For The Love of Louie, posting his story with pictures trying to find his home or owners. But no one has come forward. He’s finally calmed down enough to be around people and not scared of everyone. I would like to have him checked out and see if he is ready to be neutered, heart worm tested and vaccinated. He’s come a long way. He’s a little guy but love’s hugs and attention. He still dosent like to be picked up or moved by hand. And will not accept to have a hand on his collar and pulled in any way.He’s good on a leash. He still has issues with certain things. But he still gets nervous. He’s healthy and in good shape. His teeth had been filed down so I’m sure his teeth should be looked at for an overall health check. He’s a sweetheart and gives big hugs. But he’s very picky on what you can do with him. Trying to find him a home will be difficult and I have been looking. Who ever would be a potential adopter would have to not have small kids. He doesn’t like to be pushed or pulled on. No dogs or cats. He has a fear of dogs. He loves to run and play and will need a high, fenced-in yard. Currently he is in a heated doghouse and it always stays around 60 degrees inside. He has come a long way in the past few months. I’m doing what i can to let him be a dog. If he had gone to any animal control he would have been put down. A vet said he was prepped to be a bait dog when we took him to get checked for any microchips. I have a spare room for him after neutering so he will be away from our dogs. He finally gave our Gizmo licks through the gate between the two sides of my backyard. And visiting with her every day by the fence. As far as adoptions go. I’m not positive about wanting him to go to just anyone. He is a particular dog. Only someone who knows how to deal with a dog that’s been treated badly. If you push or pull on him he will try to protect himself. If i can’t find the right situation for him. He will always have a safe place here. He’s good on a leash. Thank You 4 Paws 1 Heart for all of your help! – Brian”

Of course, we will be covering the medical for Napoleon and pray that he is not heart worm positive. If anyone can give Napoleon the special love and attention he needs, please contact Brian at ~ diana

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