Making A Difference – Trap, Neuter, Release (or at times) Adopted Out

2/22/16 – Asking for donations is not my skill set but what I do like to consider my specialty and duty, is letting our supporters know how their hard-earned money is spent. As I’ve mentioned before, the number of kittens and cats trying to survive outdoors is overwhelming and there are just not enough resources. Finding people to trap the cats is hard to find; getting the funds to take care of the medical needs is always a huge issue; then, the biggest issue of all, is finding quality fosters and loving families to adopt. If you care about the welfare of animals, you will join in the daunting effort to make sure all animals are spayed/neutered and to convince people that buying animals only encourages further breeding.

Having said this, I would like to introduce you to more of the kittens who have been trapped and rescued recently by our friends Roberta Kretz and Charlotte Yakima. Had they not been there to rescue these kittens they would have eventually lost their sight and their eyes, dying a very cruel death. I’m very thankful they came into our lives because they’ve given me a source to go to when people contact 4 Paws 1 Heart looking for help. The following kittens have all been spayed/neutered/vaccinated/tested, and medically treated for their infections, complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. They are all with Roberta and if you are interested in adopting any of them, please contact her at:

Here they are in order. All had upper respiratory infections and eye infections which have been treated.
JANET – 12 weeks old; trapped at a pallet company. She was starving and in sub-freezing temperatures.
CHYNA – 5 months old; trapped at an industrial park
OSCAR – 5 months old; found freezing and staving in a caring person’s yard.
DIAMOND – Oscar’s sister. Again, 5 months old. More than likely both she and Oscar were left behind by owners.
WHISKEY – 5 months; trapped at an industrial Park.
CARE BEAR – 4 months old; trapped at an industrial park
SYLVESTER – 12 weeks old ; trapped at an industrial park.janet2:20:16 chyna 2:20:16 Oscar 2:20:16 diamond 2:20:16 whiskey 2:20:16 care bear 2:20:16 sylvester 2:20:16

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2 comments on “Making A Difference – Trap, Neuter, Release (or at times) Adopted Out

  1. Hi, I’m so interested in Oscar and his sister Diamond. May I ask if they are Siberian cats? And where are they right now?

    • I’m sorry that I did not see your message earlier. I hope by now that you have been able to give some homeless cats a forever home. Thank You.