Charlie – Attacked by Another Dog the Day He Was to be Adopted

4/6/16 – This past weekend we received the following request from 313 K-9 & Kitty Rescue:

” I am 313 k9 & kitty Rescue. Yesterday evening I was taking one of our rescue dogs, Charlie, for his last walk with us; he was supposed to be adopted today.
When we were just a few blocks from the house, a large black pit bull came from the alley & attacked him. He was messed up pretty badly. Charlie was very abused & neglected when we got him, but is an extremely loving dog. He didn’t even fight back to defend himself. His collar was ripped off of him, he has over 20 puncture wounds & gashes (mostly on his neck, ears, and head; but some on his legs). He was in surgery last night for 3 hours. They had to repair blood vessels & tendons. Put in 4 drainage tubes, and stitches everywhere. He has to go back on Wednesday to have the tubes removed & see where he’s at in healing; praying for no infection! He’s on 2 antibiotics & pain meds.
This is taking an incredible financial toll on us, with another dog on heartworm treatment and another being a ct scan & most likely spinal surgery… it’s hitting us like a brick.
If there is anything you could do to help, I would be beyond grateful… more than words could ever express.”

We were happy to take care of Charlie’s remaining hospital bill and pray that he heals quickly. The good news is that Charlie’s potential adopters are still in love and are waiting patiently to give Charlie a forever home. ~ dianaCharliew:313 k9 and kitty rescue 4:6:16

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