Hudson – A Senior Found on the Streets

4/30/16 – This is Hudson with his new foster buddy. Hudson (the dog) was found on the streets and taken in by a local veterinarian who has a huge heart. Mutts of Motown then stepped up to help him. He is a senior who required pain meds for arthritis and urinary issues but he is now being much loved in his foster home. 4 Paws 1 Heart is always grateful when we can help our rescue friends with their medical bills. Mutts of Motown takes in a number of seniors who will typically live their life out with them. Anyone interested in getting a fully trained, loving senior, as a family member should check out Mutts of Motown. ~ dianamuttsofmotown4:26:16

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2 comments on “Hudson – A Senior Found on the Streets

  1. About how old is Hudson. I can’t afford special
    Medical care. But think he is so cute