Superhero Chance – Facing Some Medical Issues

5/24/16 – Please say a few prayers for our Superhero, Chance. Thank, diana

“Good morning Team! Sooo, my appointment is set. I will be going tomorrow at 2:00 for my tests. Mom, Auntie Debra & maybe even Auntie Gina will be going with me and we will find out what these pesky lumps and swollen lymphnodes in my back legs are all about. I will be getting bloodwork done, an ultrasound, and a fine needle aspiration. Mom says that’s where they put a small needle into my lumps and draw out fluid and tissue and send it off to see what’s causing the lumps. Moms a bit beside herself, but I’m her brave SuperHero…I got this! And thank goodness..4 Paws 1 Heart has got my back Me and mom know these tests are expensive and we’re so grateful that 4 Paws 1 Heart works with the best vets and are here for me. But they can’t do what they do without your help. If you would like to help with my medical care please go to
Have a great day everybody! Love & Purrrs Chance”chance5:14:16 chance, 2016

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