Don Gato – Found With an Infected Mouth and a Tumor

5/3016 – While we all remember the the many men, women, and dogs who have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom, I would like to ask our friends for a little prayer for this guy. He was found with a large tumor/cyst on his face and a horrendous mouth infection. We were contacted by his rescuer and had him taken to the great staff of Rescue Veterinary Services. Don Gato, a very sweet feline, required the removal of 6 teeth and a sample was taken of the large tumor/cyst on his face. The results from the sample will not be available for about 5 days. We are praying that the tumor is non-malignant and can be removed; although, it may disfigure his face. This little guy is no longer in pain and we are committed to doing what is best for him. His rescuer, Beth, will be keeping him much loved and cared for. Without your donations, we could not make miracles happen. ~ dianadon gatow:beth and kelly5:30:16

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