Kittens – Rescued at 4 Weeks Old and Living Under a Mobile Home

6/12/16 – It’s that time of the year when donations tend to be at the lowest. The weather is beautiful — what’s the problem? Well this is the time of the year when cats and kittens are literally coming out of the woodwork, and every one of them needs our help. Whether it is simply spay/neuter or more serious like upper respiratory infections or serious injuries because they are fending for themselves on the streets. And, when it comes to dogs, this is the time of year for heart worm and puppies born with parvo. In line with our objective to be transparent as to what we do with your money, you may be seeing a lot of cat postings but we spend your money where it is needed. These little guys are getting ready for adoption. They were all rescued at about 4 weeks old — two were living under a mobile home and two were living under a crawl space. They will be neutered next week. All of their medical needs have been taken care of by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Anyone interested in adopted these little cuties should contact Patricia at [email protected]kittens w:patriciabrown(6:12:16) kittensw:patriciabrown--6:12:16 kittensw:patriciabrown^^6:12:16 kittensw:patriciabrown6:12:16

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