Ali – Continues His Fight to Live

6/12/16 Update on Ali (aka Tootsie)ali and angel 6:12:16This little fighter is amazing and beyond adorable. It is a blessing that his previous family dumped him because we are able to give him a chance to know what love is. Angel is watching over him as he nurses on my finger for comfort. His wounds from the reclining chair have not slowed him down and the leg is gradually healing. His 2 toes that were cut off are necrotic, but I guess that will need to be addressed later. Might need to consult with the MVS (Michigan State Veterinary Services) soft tissue specialist that helped our Sommerset. The actual injury is too graphic to post, but the “WILL” that this tiny puppy has leaves me speechless. He has to be bandaged every 24 hours with a shoulder strap because everything else would slide off. He is under 1 pound and just over 1 week old now. I want to thank Jamie, Carrie, Maria, Lianna, Maddie, and all of our supporters who have helped Ali. I will update again soon!!! ♡ Gina

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