Our Superhero, Chance, Once Again Needs Your Prayers

5/31/16 – Continued prayers for our superhero, Chance. Thankfully, Gina DeLuca will be coordinating his medical treatment. ~ diana

chance5:31:16“Hello Team, so mom talked to Dr. Nurse and this is what he says about my tests:
There was nothing in my bloodwork that looks like cancer. No cancerous cells were found in my Needle Aspiration sample that was sent out. BUT Dr. Nurse wanted to emphasize that these things do not always show up in the Needle Aspiration and there is still the possibility of Mast Cell Tumor or Lymphoma. However its a good sign that nothing showed up in either test. However we need to know why my lymphnodes are swollen. It’s possible I have Lymphoid Hyperplasia. That is an increase in normal cells in the lymphnodes when there is infection, bacteria or germs present and the body is reacting to it. Sooo, here is the present plan.
I will be started on antibiotics for any infection that may be present and steroids to try and shrink the lymphnodes. If this does not work, then Dr. Nurse says the next step would be a biopsy of the lymphnode. But we are going to try treating the symptoms for infection first and see if that works. Also all my test results will be sent to Dr. Kern to look at as well for her opinion and suggestions. So that’s what we know right now, I will start my meds first of next week and see if they help. Thankyou for all your prayers, please keep em coming! Thankyou 4 Paws 1 Heart, Auntie Gina & Auntie Debra for always having my back Sooo mom, lets have some chicken and a nap now! 😉 Meow for now! Love Chance ❤”

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