Max – Wandering the Streets Dying of Parvo Virus

7/8/16 – Meet Max. A business owner rescued this stray puppy who was hanging around his business. No owner could be found so the rescuer took him in hoping to find a permanent home. One of his employees happened to be that person and almost immediately fell in love with him. It was one week after being rescued that Max was taken to a vet who vaccinated him. That night Max became deathly ill with vomiting and diarrhea. He was brought back to the vet for testing (although they never did a Parvo test) and observation for a few hours but then sent back home due to the holiday. No surprise, by Sunday, July 3, poor Max was in full blown Parvo mode and was taken to Wilson’s Veterinary where he was immediately put on medication for Parvo. Max is still in the hospital but our latest report is that he is improving. Please keep prayers going for this adorable boy.

Parvo has been absolutely horrible this year as many of you have seen by the number of dogs we’ve helped with treatment. Once again, I am thankful that we could help Max and this young couple who fell in love with Max and who reached out to us for help. I know that the entire family is praying for Max and trying to help in any way they can.

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
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