Turbo – Found Running the Streets

7/10/16 – I received a call from one of the very small rescues we work with, Friends of Scooby. Of course we agreed to have this poor abused boy seen as soon as possible. Here is his rescuer’s message:

“This little boy was found running the streets of Flint. Covered in so many fleas that he was black in color and they were jumping off of him. Once given a flea bath it was discovered that he is actually gray and his tiny little body is covered in bite marks and scabs. After cleaning him up, feeding him and letting him rest for a day we noticed that his body didn’t present like a healthy dog. His belly looked bloated, his rear-end was swollen, and he had this unexplainable stench to him.
Thanks to you, Diana, and 4 Paws 1 Heart – this little boy got to see the vet this morning. We are now calling him Turbo. After they examined him, we now know that he is older than we originally thought and that there is definitely evidence of abuse. The vet says he was most likely used as a bait dog. He was probably starved and then fed, starved and then fed, repeatedly to make him mean. He also has excessive amounts of microorganisms on his skin from living in filth for so long – the vet said weekly baths will clear that up.
For as bad as he looks, his spirit isn’t completely broken. He gives kisses and let touch all over him today.
The vet wants to see him back in 3 weeks. To make sure the sores are closing up and the microorganisms are going away.
Thanks again

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
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