Mocha – Found Running in the Middle of the Street

8/22/16 – The same caring family who rescued Isaac, the paralyzed kitten who is being cared for by our Board member, rescued again; and this time, she is a very sweet dog who was wandering in the middle of the street. The dog had no identification and no owner could be found. The family took her in and named her Mocha. Shortly after the rescue, the family was called away on an emergency and when they returned, a once healthy Mocha was lethargic and had blood in her urine. They once again called on 4 Paws 1 Heart for help. We authorized Mocha to be seen by a veterinarian and, fortunately, it was found that Mocha had a urinary tract infection that could be treated. We were happy to help Mocha get a second chance at love. ~ dianamocha w:ryanbeets 8:21:16

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