Dexter – Paralyzed By a Pellet Gunshot – Dies

9/5/16 – RIP Sweet Dexter – It was last Thursday when I was contacted about another kitten showing up at the home of Shelly Grabow’s (Faith’s mom) sister. The kitten was dragging his back legs just as Faith had when she was rescued in the same area. I learned that someone has been shooting cats/kittens in the area which is in Richmond, MI. For whatever reason, I did not know that Faith had actually been shot and still had a .22 bullet in her body.
We immediately authorized the little guy to be seen by a local veterinarian and it was confirmed that Dexter had been shot and that there was a pellet still in his body near his spinal cord. At the time, Dexter appeared to be healthy with the exception of his paralyzed legs and the doctor thought there still could be hope for him to walk some day. I contacted Dr. Kern of Pawsitive Steps Rehabilitation & Therapy for Pets to let her know that Dexter might be coming in to see her in the immediate future. At the same time, I learned there were two other cats and a kitten in the area. The obvious concern was that these innocent creatures would meet the same fate as Dexter and Faith. I contacted our friend, Rachel Gerstner, and she immediately jumped into action to help trap the rest of the cats.
Thankfully, the remaining cats were eventually trapped and everyone will be spayed/neutered and vaccinated. The adults will be moved to a barn location and the kitten will be homed.
Then, yesterday, I received a call from Shelly saying she was worried about Dexter. The two closest veterinary clinics/emergency hospitals had 5-6 hour waiting periods; arrangements were made to have Dexter go to Wilson’s in Romeo. The rest of this sad story is told by Faith and her mom.
It is heartbreaking and outrageous that alleged humans can be so cruel as to shoot innocent animals for their “enjoyment”. I only pray that karma comes sooner than later. ~ diana

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