Morrisy – Living Outdoors in a Senior Complex

9/6/16 – This is Morrisy. Again we were contacted by our friend who does outreach near the City of Detroit. This sweet boy is taken care of by a group of senior citizens who live in an apartment complex. They love Morrisy and one day saw that he was just laying around and not moving. 4 Paws 1 Heart paid for Morrisy to be seen by a vet and tested. No injuries or illnesses could be found and Morrisy was neutered and vaccinated. He is back with his senior citizens who will continue to watch over him but they are concerned someone is trying to hurt him. I’ve asked our friend if Morrisy could possibly be taken in and become an ‘apartment mascot’. I’m not sure how feral he is. It’s such a tough world for the many cats and dogs who are on the streets and not in comfy, loving homes like are babies.

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