Don Gato is Found and Finally has a Growth Removed

7/29/16 – Just a reminder that we were nearly out of funds and now we are in the midst of a fundraiser through October 3. Without donations we can’t fund the medical care needed by the animals and a special donor is matching $1000!”

Without your donations, animals like Don Gato could not be saved. At the time Don Gato was rescued he had a large growth on his face. But before we could get the growth removed, he escaped out of a torn screen.  Three months later a woman who lived in the complex where Don Gato went missing, saw Don Gato hanging out by a hotel in Troy.  The employees of the hotel fed him for days and contacted his mom.  With the help of one of our friends, Rachel, Don Gato was trapped, taken to the vet and later went through surgery to finally have the growth removed. He is safe and happy with his forever family and his fur buddy Farfel (who we also assisted with some minor medical issues.  With the help of our friends, we can make miracles happen.don-gato-before-92916 don-gato-92916 farfel-and-don-gato-92916

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