Carlos- Needs Your Prayers

We made a commitment to sweet Carlos and Denice’s family, who took him in at our request. And, although we are running out of money, the Board of 4p1h will not let him down. Carlos has lost 2 lbs. since his last visit which is not good. He is having a full panel of blood work done in hopes of seeing if Carlos is hyper thyroid or if something worse is going on. Prayers for this sweet boy who has been through so much. – Diana

“Ahem, good morning Team. Its me, Carlos. Im still not feeling good…at all. Just looking at food makes me cringe and go hide. My Dr appointment is at 12:00, so as soon as Mom can she will update everybody. We want to thank everybody for all your love & prayers. Mom wants me to tell you she reads and appreciates every comment, shes just awfully upset about me being sick so its hard for her to answer each comment right now…she knows you understand. For those who dont know, I have Spindle Cell Sarcoma which is a very aggressive cancer and impossible to get it all becuse the margins are so unclear. Ive had 3 surgerys, 2 since Ive been here pd for thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart. My last visit about 2mo ago the Dr said its possible the cancer may have spread to my brain as I was becoming aggressive, but I had been doing really good with the Feliway diffusers until now. So, we dont know what today will bring but please keep me & my family in your prayers. And if your able please send a donation becuse funds are so low and there are so many lime me needing their help. Love, Carlos”


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Lea – Living in an Area Where Someone Was Shooting Cats

10/26/16 – A message from Mama Shelly who rescued Lea from the same property where kittens were being shot. Faith, her fur sister, was paralyzed and still has the bullet in her and another cat, Dexter, did not survive. We are so happy that we could be there for this sweet baby. ~ diana

“Big difference in Lea. Thank you Yale Veterinary and especially Diana and 4Paws 1Heart for giving Lea a chance at life. She was at deaths door. The emergency vet at the vet at Yale were not hopefully optimistic. Her health declined shortly after we lost Dexter. He was the only one who would be with her because the others saw her as weak. I believe he was looking after her from Heaven.~ Shelly”

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Prayers for Carlos

10/25/16 – Prayers needed for sweet Carlos. He has gone through two bouts of cancer. He has been to the doctor a couple of times since and once again we are worried. His beautiful mane is getting matted and dull and just isn’t acting like himself. Please pray for our handsome Carlos. We know he is loved; we just want to make sure that he is not in pain. ~ diana

A Second Chance For Chance's photo.
A Second Chance For Chance's photo.
“Hellooo Team Chance! Sooo, seems weve been having lots of vet appts lately. First it was my eye, then my sweet sissy Rosie Roo. Cubby & Pong have their neuters this Thursday, we still havent told them what a neuter is a yet…shhhh!
And please keep my brother Carlos in your prayers, he has a vet appt on Wednesday. He’s not feeling well 😩 He’s not eating much, he’s throwing up a bit, his fur is starting is to lose its beautiful luster. He’s just not himself right now and we’re praying his wonderful Dr can turn this around. We are so lucky to be under the loving wing of 4 Paws 1 Heart, if not for them and the wonderful donors things would have been very different for Carlos, Rosie and me…very, very different. We love you 4 Paws 1 Heart, thankyou for all you do for us
We’re all gonna have our treats, cuddles & kisses now. Say our prayers & snuggle up. We love you all so very much and truly appreciate all your love & support. Love, purrrs, woofs & mews Chance & the Gang”

Trouble – Struggling to Stay Alive

10/25/16 – Update on Trouble. He did have emergency surgery where it was found that Trouble has intussusception which is where the intestines have telescoped. Five inches of Trouble’s intestines had to be removed but he is purring and doing well. Trouble was one of many kittens and cats rescued from a home overwhelmed with cats who were flea infested and suffered from upper respiratory infections; not to mention more serious conditions as was the case with Trouble. As you

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Vote For Chance

10/24/16 – Millions of dollars have been spent during this year’s election process which I believe is a dirty shame. Can you imagine the animals, senior citizens, and children who could be fed and medically treated with this money!! Instead it just goes to media and the creators of the ads. Here is a better suggestion:

Snickers (who was found in an icey puddle in an alley at just a few weeks old) has decided to be Chance’s (once paralyzed but now walks, has his own facebook page, and cares for fosters) running mate….they make the purr-fect cattidates. It’s true, they can’t use their paws to type e mails and they don’t like girls anymore (although they respect them). So start that write in campaign for the boys of 4 Paws 1 Heart and “GIVE AMERICA A CHANCE”; that is nothing to Snicker about! Check out “A Second Chance For Chance” AND…SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND make a campaign donation to 4 Paws 1 Heart for the Chance-Snicker ticket so more animals can be helped. Donations can be made by using the link on this page. We are also accepting nominations for the Cabinet. Try to keep diversity in mind and suggest a couple of dogs and females (maybe even a pygmy goat) although it was recently leaked that Snickers was taped telling Chance that “Dogs Drool, Cats Rule”. Oops. ~ diana

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.

Prayers for Trouble

This little guy is at Advanced Animal Emergency. Although donations have been very slow, the 4 paws 1 heart board will find a way. Please say a prayer. – diana

“I need a favor Facebook. I haven’t mentioned this little guy we have in our care for various reasons but I need you please to storm the heavens with prayers and positive energy. He has to have emergency surgery this afternoon once he is stable. You can just call him “Tee”. Thank you! ~ Dee”

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Gizmo and Romeo – Being Cared for by Snickers

10/23/16 – And this is why we do what we do!! But we can’t do it without the support of our friends. Snickers is one great foster bro.

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Obviously Snickers thinks Romeo is a very dirty boy! with 4 Paws 1 Heart
If all goes well…that is if I just keep sending adorable photos to the couple….Gizmo and Romeo will be going together to their forever home!

RIP Dawson and Dante

10/22/16 – RIP Sweet Babies – Dawson and Dante. A few weeks ago we received a request for help from a woman who pulled a nursing mom and her kittens from a high kill shelter. Unfortunately, two days ago two of the four kittens had to be humanely euthanized. Dawson was failing to thrive. Dante (the black kitten) was found with a wound on his head and by the time he got to the vet the same day, the wound had grown. It was suspected that it was cancer. Our hearts break for these sweet animals who must rely on us to survive but sometimes all of our help and love, just isn’t enough. ~ diana

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.

Rosie Roo – At 15 Years Old Walking the Streets Alone

rosie roo 12:3:16 Rosie Roo 1:16:17 rosie roo at the vet 1:16:17 Rosie RooRosie Roo had her surgery and is now home recovering. Although donations continue to be slow, we couldn’t turn our back for this sweet senior who was in significant pain. We hope to have a strong turnout at our upcoming fundraisers and donations can also be made through paypal by using the link on this page. Thank you from Rosie Roo and all of the abandoned and neglected animals who are helped by the generosity of our friends. ~ diana

Rosie Roo is home!!!!! Woooohoooo!!!!! Sooo, Rosie had 20 teeth removed but she still has some 😆 She did super awesome. The Dr said it was the 2nd worse case shes ever seen when it comes to a dental. She recieved a antibiotic injection, and antibiotics, pain meds and eardrops to take home. They say Rosie is a fighter with a huge desire to get on with her new life. Her Dr said she had to be in a huge amount of pain for a long time, but no more! I cant imagine her being any sweeter, but we’re expecting her to feel better then she has in a long time in just a few days. Shes snoozing away right now, very happy to be home. Huge thankyou to 4 Paws 1 Heart and all who donated towards Rosie Roo’s care, becuse of you Rosie has her Second Chance

Bandit – Survivor from a House Fire Suspected of Arson

10/20/16 – Many of you may remember the dozens of cats who lost their lives during a house fire which was suspected to be arson. The home was being used by a person who thought she was doing the right thing for homeless animals by rescuing them and keeping them in a vacant home. Fortunately, a few survived and several people in the rescue community took them in. Bandit is one of the survivors.

Bandit is 3 years old and gets along well with cats and is comfortable around dogs. He hasn’t been around little children. He would love to be in a home to call his own. All of his medical (including neutering) has been taken care of by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Anyone interested in Bandit should contact: [email protected] ~ diana

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