Prince – Injured in a Fight with Fellow Rescues

9/14/16 – When our friend, Megan, from Friends of Scooby Rescue, contacted us about this little guy, we knew we had to help. Here is his story and also let this be a lesson to all of our friends. You can never be too careful when children and animals are involved. ~ diana

“Prince is a senior Shih Tzu who has been passed around his whole life. He is currently in a long term foster home due to his age and medical needs (arthritis and blind). The other night everything was going on as usual; Dogs were being rotated; food and meds were being given; and kids were running in and out the doors. As careful as we try to be, sometimes accidents happen. One of the kids let Prince into an area of the house where he shouldn’t have been at the time and he was attacked by another foster dog. Because adults were in the area, the fight was broken up rather quickly. Prince was still injured but only required to be cleaned up, antibiotics, pain meds and a rabies booster. He had 2 puncture wounds on his throat and a superficial scratch on the top of his neck. Thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart he is resting comfortably at home. Thanks again”prince-wmegan-blass-83016prince-wmeganblass-83016

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