Sweet Mama and Her Kittens – Living Outside Needing Rescue

9/25/16 – Look at the ears and the markings on these sweeties. If anyone can help by taking them in permanently or in finding them a forever loving home, Please contact Margo. 4 Paws 1 Heart will cover vetting and spay/neuter. Here is her message to us: ~ diana

“‘I’d love to find placement for this little family that has taken up residence under my house before I move next week. Black female is pregnant. White with black on nose (left) is a male, other white with black (front) is female. They are not feral. Male is a little hesitant (although I’m confident he would warm up in a home), but females let me pick them up now that they’re used to me. I can make a small donation towards vetting if a rescue is willing to take them. Located in Hamtramck. Please message me (Margo Butler) or email Mmbutler3811@gmail.com

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