Momma Mia and Her Babies

10/12/16 – This poor female was being fed by a caring person who had far too many animals to care for in her home, as well as outdoors. She couldn’t keep up with the medical needs and, as we all know, the number of cats and kittens just multiplied at an alarming rate. One of our Board members (Dee) has been doing TNR there as well as taking in kittens and socializing them so they can find their way into homes. 4 Paws 1 Heart has been paying for vaccinating, spaying/neutering, and some severe upper respiratory infections. Anyone who has done TNR knows that you set the traps and hope you catch a cat and not a raccoon or a possum.

The next day when Dee went to check on the traps, she found that a female had been caught and overnight she had a litter of kittens. I just can’t imagine birthing in a trap. Now the family is very safe and well cared for until the babies are weaned, vaccinated, spayed/neutered and the mama can be released. The babies are only 20 days old so there is a little time before anything will be done other than making sure everyone is comfortable and healthy. ~ diana

Dee Brown Gudenau's photo.
'I think her ears are just tired....that is why they are down.'
'The cute little orange one hissed at me! Bad mommy teaching your kitties bad manners'
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Momma Mia’s babies are getting enormous! and Momma Mia isn’t getting any nicer. They are 18 days old range from 7.9 oz (orange one) to 13 oz and no the white one doesn’t weigh that she is only 12 oz – see wearing white does make you look bigger. Thank you Happy Tails Scs for your commitment to take these fuzz balls once they are ready! As always – Thank you 4 Paws 1 Heart for all you do!!! Dee

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