Cleo – Born on the Streets with a Deformed Leg

11/28/16 – GIVING TUESDAY is tomorrow and we are asking all of our supporters to make a donation so that we can continue to make miracles like this, continue to happen.

It was in August of 2014 when we were contacted by a woman (who has not only become a great 4p1h friend, but an excellent cat trapper, home finder, and transporter — Rachel G). Rachel had just rescued a 7-week old kitten with a non-functioning leg. She was willing to give the kitten a forever home but couldn’t afford having her seen by a vet or the potential outcome. The kitten, Cleo, seemed to be in chronic pain. She couldn’t function normally – like using the litter box – and often got in trouble by getting her deformed leg caught. 4 Paws 1 Heart had Cleo examined and it was determined that Cleo had a congenital deformity and would require a leg amputation. But, she was too young to have the surgery performed at that time. Gina worked with Rachel throughout the period between rescue and surgery and Cleo was kept as comfortable as possible. She was on cage rest and pain meds for a two months until she was big enough for surgery, In October, 2014 Cleo had her deformed leg removed. Today she is doing great. She runs, jumps, and has no idea she’s different! She is full of sass and gets lots of love. Her favorite activity is sucking on her blanket. Rachel recently told us “Cleo never would have made it without 4 paws 1 heart!!”

No, Rachel, without our supporters, Cleo would have never made it. ~ diana

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