Giving Tuesday 2016 – Be A Hero

11/29/16 – BE A HERO ON THIS GIVING TUESDAY by donating today to 4 Paws 1 Heart. With your support we can continue to make miracles like this happen.

It was a freezing January 20, 2015 afternoon when I received a call from our friend at Hopeful Heart Animal Rescue. She had been contacted by the Roseville Police about a dog found tied behind the Walmart store in Roseville, MI. The dog was found with her paw chewed off. She needed to be taken to emergency immediately — “Could 4 Paws 1 Heart cover the bill”. Our answer was yes and Courtney was taken immediately to our friends at Advanced Animal Emergency. Courtney needed emergency surgery before her leg became infected and before the bones in her intestines would cause a rupture. Within just a couple of hours, Courtney’s leg was amputated and the bones within her intestines were removed and she was on the road to recovery. It was surmised that the freezing cold had actually saved Courtney from actually bleeding out and dying while tied up and unable to escape.

After some investigation, video of the area showed two men get out of their car and tie Courtney to a structure two days before she was found. As you could see them pulling away (although unable to see the license plate), Courtney tried to chase them but was restrained by the rope. We don’t know when Courtney actually chewed her paw off; it could have been before she was dumped at the Walmart store in that no other remains were found near her. Fortunately, a kind employee found her and contacted the police. Her story went viral all over the world (check out 4paws1heart.or) and within days her story was aired on WDIV.…/dog-left-chained-u…/30844982

Almost two years later, she is a happy, healthy dog living with a great family with two teenage sons who are very much in love with her.

You can be someone’s hero today by donating on this Giving Tuesday. Use the the link on this page, or on our website,, or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI 48080. Thank you for being our HERO. ~ diana

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