Ali – Finds Her Forever Home!!!

A story of “Divine Intervention “. Many of you are familiar with the story of “Ali”. He was abandoned and injured after being crushed in a reclining chair at only 2 days old. We took him into our organization and I have fostered and raised him since. He underwent extensive medical care, multiple surgeries, months of healing, and here he is now at almost 7 months old. A beautiful boy with his entire life ahead… After hundreds of shares and thousands of views on social media our attempt to find his forever home has finally happened – and the way it happened gives me the chills!
Ali went to a meet and greet this last Friday with a wonderful family. The plan was to stay all weekend, and see how things went. There were 2 other sibling pups in the home that got along with Ali, but the 3 of them together didn’t end up being a good mix. It would have been a great home if they had, but i believe everything happens for a reason. On Saturday the family had company over and Ali was a hit. An immediate family member happened to be in the market for a dog and she fell in love with Ali. He was at the right place, at the right time, and she was a perfect match. She and I spoke the next day, and I could tell that she was everything I was looking for in a new mommy for Ali.
On Sunday she introduced her 14 year dog to Ali and later on sent me a pic of them sleeping together. She will be closing on her new home this week which happens to be about 1 block away from me!!!!! Tomorrow I will meet her in person when she comes to visit Ali. The sibling pups will now be his cousins and the family that had him over the weekend will be aunt and uncle♡ They adore him.
Thank you all for sharing and supporting Ali all along. We couldn’t do this without you! My prayers for a forever home by Christmas have been answered! ♡ Gina

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