Axel – Kept on a Chain 24/7 With A Disease That Would Eventually Blind Him

11/22/16 – Happy News for Axel. This beautiful boy is no longer in pain from his Entropion condition and is now safe, warm, and loved. You might remember that Axel was left chained, outside 24/7 with very little human interaction although it become obvious that he craved it. Thankfully two kind women realized that besides just the outer conditions, they could tell something was wrong with Axel’s eyes. They contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart and together we were able to get Axel surrendered and have the Entropion condition (eyelashes growing inward and rubbing on the eye) corrected. Many good wishes go out to Axel and his rescuers. ~ dianaaxel-wjennifermcmican

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