Milagra – Stepped on and Left in a Box Under Leaves, Near the Trash

mila112316mila-112316UPDATE 11/23/16 -3:24 P.M. Kitty is out of surgery. The hospital reported that the surgery went well but Kitty may have to stay overnight so that she can be watched over. I will provide more information when I get it. –

11/23/16 – Prayers Needed: Dear Friends, Little Kitty is having surgery today with Dr. Wilson. Kitty is a dwarf kitten who we think was stepped on then put in the garbage to die. Our friend, Jan P. rescued her and between Jan and her wonderful nephew, Kitty has been made healthy enough to go through surgery. Kitty’s organs were somewhat crushed together and we pray that the surgery will be successful and that this little sweetheart will recover fully and never be in pain again. Thanks, diana

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