Sammi – Her Story and a Happy Update

11/11/16 – Another Happy Update for this happy last day of the work week. Meet Sammi. Here her mom tells us how much Sammii has meant to her:

“After many years of having rescue cats, I decided it was time for a dog. I had been rather a work-a-holic and my cats seemed to fit my lifestyle for many years. How, or why I decided it was time for a dog, I’m not sure really. My life was slowing down and the idea wouldn’t leave my mind. I carefully made a list of the kind of dog I would like to have. The wants and desires, such as…short hair, black, probably a lab mix, and from an area where adopters are hard to find. A rather thoughtful list, so I thought!
I was surfing on Facebook, and somehow a picture came up. It was a puppy struggling to live. I had no idea how this came up for me to see. But then, right then, I knew beyond knowing this was my dog! I was on the hunt, I had to find her. It was love. Love at first sight. I laughingly say she was everything, I didn’t want in a dog. She was a mix, red as can be, long hair, but those eyes! OMG, those eyes! She was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen! I was chastised a bit, ‘you can’t fall in love with a picture’. I knew this — I did. I also knew she was ‘the one’.
I hunted and searched and found her in the care of 4paws1heart. She was an owner surrender, dying of parvo. From parvo to the discovery of a broken neck. Friends and family thought I was crazy to want her so badly, in spite of everything. The possible challenges, whatever it took, I wanted HER.
I called and checked on her and told Gina, I was interested in adopting her. She was being nursed back to health and told, it would take a while. And so, I waited…and waited…Gina put me in contact with the rescue assigned to her being adopted. I called, and filled out my application..and waited..and waited.. I finally called, and said I’ll wait forever, just tell me if my application approved. The answer was yes. She just needed to be spayed and she would be ready.
I went to the adoption event, no meet and greet first. Gina and the rescue had told me she was the sweetest dog. But you know, sometimes a meet and greet is the best way to know if she is really ‘the one’. She walked in the event, tail wagging and just loved the other dogs. She was beautiful! and yes, she was sweet! I couldn’t wait to sign the papers. Finally, she was coming home….
I had a week off of work, and spent the week helping her adjust to life at home, and each other. I had arranged for a friend to come everyday when I went back to work, to make sure she had exercise and a potty time. My friend came every day, rain or shine.
I signed up for doggie training, probably more for me than her. She was perfect. After every class the instructors would tell me how sweet she was! She also graduated first in her class! Proud fur mom!
The story doesn’t end here as to how Sammi changed my life. The friend that walked Sammi, well we married. I laugh and say, it was because of Sammi!
We went on vacation and I knew a girl that had a small rescue, so I thought she’d be perfect to watch our girl. While she was there, she fell head over heels for a kitten and the kitten for her. No way! I have just lost my cat Boo, and wasn’t ready to take another on, just yet. A week later, I went back to her and adopted Sky. Another great decision on my part, I think! She was Sammi’s baby. They chased and snuggled and the nuzzles of love were precious. It took a while for Sky to realize we loved her too, it was all about Sammi. I have to say she learned to love us, and we now get the purrs and snuggles too!
We have had Sammi 5 years now, and I wouldn’t change a minute. She is everything and is spoiled each and everyday. Her favorite all time thing to do is go for a walk. Now that I am retired, she insists we all walk together! So, she had shown me unconditional love and made me exercise too! Everyone, and I mean everyone, that meets my girl, adores her!. I (we) can’t imagine life without her. We love our little family of ‘misfits’ as we call ourselves!
Thank you to Gina, thank you to 4paws1heart, for all you do. For saving our girl. For helping us be her family. I am forever grateful.”

4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.
4 Paws 1 Heart's photo.


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