Benny – Found Amongst Feral Cats; Unable to Move

12/7/16 – Over the past 6 years we have helped our share of dogs and cats but this year we have had an overwhelming number of cats and kittens who have needed our help. Benny is one of them. Benny was around 3-4 weeks old when he was found next to a bowl of food placed on a porch for feral cats. The finder’s young son heard cries and realized that Benny could hardly move. His eyes were sealed shut and he was so heavily congested, he was wheezing. He could not eat on hisown and had to be bottle fed. It appeared that someone had dropped him off. A family was found who agreed to foster Benny and help him find a permanent home. 4 Paws 1 Heart has paid for his medical bills and we are happy to report that Benny is doing well and has been scheduled for neutering. Benny would have surely died had caring people not gotten involved. ~ dianabenny-2016benny-2016benny-2016 benny-12216

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