Gina’s Kittens – Rescued from a Barn in Yale, MI

12/24/16 – Gina got a call about two 6 week old kittens living in a barn in Yale, MI. As you can see, they have severe upper respiratory infections and they are very thin. On Tuesday afternoon, the rescue for these 2 kittens was down to the wire. Gina just so happened to be off of work early, the owners of the home, Doug and Lori, reached out for help. Gina’s mom transported her to Yale on a last-minute notice, and there was about 1 hour of time to search for these babies before it was too dark. They were super fast and terrified running all throughout the barn, but Gina’s mom and Doug got them captured just in time. They are doing alright, but the black and white one is really sick. Please say prayers that he pulls through.
There are so many innocents like these needing our love and medical help. We thank God every day for all of the caring people who either open their homes or their wallets to make a difference. At this time, the kittens are with Gina but she will be looking for a more permanent placement for them. ~ diana

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