Sadie’s Pride – Saving Lives

12/23/16 – For all that we lose, I am grateful for all we have been able to save. It truly takes a Village — financial support, the phenomenal rescuers and those who open their hearts and homes, and especially the caring veterinarians who are always there for us. ~ diana

🎅 At this time of year I like to count all my Blessings. For the Sadie’s Pride family 4 Paws 1 Heart has been our biggest Blessing. Diana Rascano has helped so many kittens and cats that we foster. We couldn’t do what we do without 4 Paws 1 Heart.Here are a few of the sweet faces Diana has saved. Thank you 4p1h. We are forever grateful.💖”debra-kropp-1 debra-kropp-2 debra-kropp-3 debra-kropp-4 debra-kropp-5 debra-kropp-6 debra-kropp-7 debra-kropp-8 debra-kropp-9 debra-kropp-10 debra-kropp-12 debra-kropp-13

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