Mila – May You Rest in Peace

12/4/16 My heart aches and I can’t help but question myself. Baby Kitty (aka Mila) died today. I just can’t help but feel she should have never had surgery but the decision was not originally ours to make. Our original agreement was to pay 1/3 of the medical bills. But, once she had surgery, we agreed to pay the entire bill. My policy of approving medical assistance based on prognosis and quality of life was not in play in this instance. I had no idea until after the fact that Mila’s prognosis was poor and that the surgery was “unchartered territory” according to the most recent statement by the veterinarian. I am so sorry sweet Kitty/Mila for having failed you and making you suffer when maybe you could have lived a few more weeks or months enjoying your rescue family. I know you are no longer in pain and are enjoying a new life with our many loved ones who have gone before us. Please know that you were loved and will be missed. RIP Sweet Mila/Kitty. ~ dianamila-113016

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