Mila and Carlos Need Prayers

Dear Prayer Warriors, We need your prayers now, please. Little Kitty (aka Mila), the sweetie who was operated on November 23, 2016 needs your positive energy and prayers. Her ribs had to be spread open with an apparatus so that her lungs could expand and grow; also, all of her organs needed to be put in place. Dr. Wilson advises that this is unchartered territory. I can’t help but question whether this was the right decision for this baby. We know she could not have lived very long under the condition she was in but to know what she must be going through right now, breaks our hearts.

Also, our sweetie, Carlos, needs your prayers. As Chance says, his tumor is growing very fast, just as we knew it would once it started. Again, we are thinking about Carlos’ quality of life and right now he is eating and looking ‘sharp’ but we know that we can’t stop the aggressive tumors from coming. We wish these sweet creatures could talk so that we could know what to do all of the time and what they need from us. What we can provide though is much love and that is what is going on right now in Chance’s home. Thank YOU. ~ diana

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