Bridgette – Saved from a Home With Over 40 Dead and Live Cats

1/5/17 – A happy update about Bridgette. It was almost two years ago when she was rescued from a horrible situation where over 40 cats were living, some others were found dead. Our good friend from A Hopeful Heart worked very hard to rescue as many of them as possible and bring in the authorities. The story was also on the news. Unfortunately, unless the hoarder is helped, the hoarding will continue until, once again, the situation is reported and then we all start all over again. In this case, the hoarder refused all help and the husband continued to be an enabler. A very difficult situation for the humans, but a deadly situation for the poor animals. Thank God for Denise and her sister, Shell, for opening their hearts and homes. Bridgette is truly a little sweetheart who we enjoyed visiting a few weeks ago. ~ diana

“Heehee! Hellooo Team, its me..Bridgette again! Since its my Birthday, I get to do the nitenite post! So, for those who dont know my history I was rescued from a terrible hoarder house along with about 40 other kittys. Mom took me to foster me. I had a lot going on when I came. 4 Paws 1 Heart was there for all my medical. I had chronic crystals which is under control now. I also have chronic allergys and chronic asthma too. Despite that our amazing friend Annie wanted to adopt me! But when I went to Annies house, it turned out Annie had a severe, and I mean a SEVERE allergic reaction to me. She loved me sooo much and was so sad to have to send me back to moms house. I still love Annie very much, and she loves me too! Anyways, Im such a sweet girl that after that Chance, mom & Aunt Shelly decided they couldnt bear to part with me again, so they decided to keep me forever and ever I still have my asthma and allergies and I get medicine.We have to be very careful with my allergys but I am the Princess of the house and I love my family to the moon, and everybody loves snd spoils me…a lot!!! So there you have it, the story of my Second Chance. Sweet dreams everybody, we love you all bunches!”

Love, purrrs & woofs Bridgette, Chance & the Gang

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