West Branch Kittens – Very Ill and Alone on the Streets

1/6/17 – Let me apologize if you are a ‘dog person’ only and getting tired of seeing kittens and cats. As I’ve said so many times before, we don’t discriminate and the need for cats and kittens this year have been great. Based on my personal experience through 4p1h, I think there are many reasons — 1) cats have litters more often thus making for more cats and kittens on the streets, 2) people tend to ‘dump’ unwanted cats thinking they can fend for themselves, 3) there are more cats killed in shelters, consequently some of the cat rescues, strictly rescue shelter cats and not strays, and 4) I believe there are more organizations who rescue dogs than there are cats, consequently, creating a void for the many individuals who won’t turn their back on an animal in need. 4 Paws 1 Heart seems to have filled that void.
A friend of 4p1h, whom we’ve helped before, “stumbled’ across 4 4-month old kittens in West Branch, MI. The kittens were all very illl with upper respiratory infections. Fortunately, with a lot of love and care, they were healthy enough for their vaccines and neuter/spay (there are two girls and two boys). 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to eliminate the possibility of more unwanted babies being born. ~ diana

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2 comments on “West Branch Kittens – Very Ill and Alone on the Streets

    • I’m sorry for replying so late. We are not a rescue; we fund medical treatment. I believe we did help a rescuer in West Branch but don’t know if she adopted out the kittens. You might want to check with a shelter there. Thanks, diana

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