Isaac – Getting Fitted for His New Cart

1/8/17 – We wish our little Isaac could have had the same success as Chance but we are thankful that we can still be there for him by getting him a cart. The cart cannot be used 24/7 and without supervision but when his foster mom is there, Isaac can get some relief. A huge thank you to our Board member, Cynthia, who has done so much for this sweetheart. -diana

“Isaac went to his appointment last Wednesday to be fitted for his own cart. Isaac has hind leg paralysis at 8 weeks when the owner surrendered him. The cause of the paralysis is unknown. Isaac is good with withdrawal but no extensor muscle action to defy gravity, despite months of physical therapy and acupuncture paid for by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Isaac will never be able to walk or urinate on his own. Isaac gets around by pulling his whole body weight with his front legs. With that said he is a very healthy, happy and playful boy and would benefit greatly from a Hind Leg Cart. The cart would allow him to get around easier without having to drag his whole body. We have gotten in some donations for his cart already which we are very thankful for. If you would like to donate – Cynthia (Isaac’s foster mom)isaac-1717isaac-1717isaac-1717

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