Peanut – Update

1/1/17 – Happy 2017! One of my many struggles (besides fundraising) is to balance the happy beginning updates with our current efforts. But, being it’s another new year and the fact that we have so many new followers, I thought I would start it off with an update on Peanut. It was 2010 when Peanut was brought into the emergency where Gina was working. As you can see from the photo, he was like a stuffed animal without the stuffing; he couldn’t even lift his little head to eat. Gina and the phenomenal staff helped Peanut survive and eventually the perfect mom was found. Peanut’s mom recently tagged us with this photo of Peanut and his grandma. ‘Mom’ said that Peanut is really not as big as he looks in that Grandma is so small. We are so very happy we were able to give Peanut that second chance at a Wonderful Life. Your donations at work. ~ dianapeanut-2010-to-2014peanut-wgrandmaevans-123016

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