Carlos – An Update on His Cancer

1/11/17 – For those friends who’ve been with us a while, you’ll remember how Carlos came into our lives. He had been passed around a number of times and was finally surrendered to the Macomb County Animal Shelter. At that time, he had a tumor that had recently burst and later we found out that as a kitten, he had a tumor and some of his tail removed. Unfortunately, since that time, our sweetheart has had to have more surgeries because of aggressive cancerous tumors and on his last visit to the veterinarian, it was decided that no more surgeries would be done. Consequently, Carlos is being spoiled rotten and, as he said, happily defying the odds. We love the beautiful boy and am so thankful that his final days will be filled with much love and care. Please say a little prayer. ~ diana

“Ahem! Ahem! Hello Team, its me Carlos with tonights nitenite post. As you can see, Im still hanging in there loving my family and doing cat stuff! Thanksgiving,Christmas and New Year has come and gone and Im defying the odds. We keep setting little goals. Moms birthday is in a couple weeks, and I promised her I would do my best to celebrate with her! My tumor is still growing, but not at the rapid rate it was a few weeks ago. I cant say Im kicking cancers butt, but Im not letting it kick mine either! 4 Paws 1 Heart continues to be here for me for my medical support, and mom watches me like a hawk for any sign of discomfort or changes. Right now, Im just happy doing what cats do!
So Team, thankyou for all your love & prayers..keep em coming!
If you live in our area we are having extreme wind conditions with gusts up to 60 miles an hour. Please check your feral kitty houses to make sure they are safe against falling branches or tree limbs and that everything in your yard is secure and cant fly into your feral houses. Keep your pets inside, if they have to go out to do their business go with them and bring them right back in! Stay safe and warm everybody and we’ll see you all tomorrow!
Love, purrrs & woofs Carlos, Chance & the Gang”Carlos 1:10:17

Maize – Found on the Streets with a Severe Upper Respiratory Infection

1/10/17 – It was one month ago when we were having our almost sub-zero weather when a friend we’ve helped before contacted us about this beauty he had just come across. Her eye appeared to be infected and her belly was quite large – we didn’t know if it was worms or babies. She has since been to the vet a few times. She has tested negative for fiv/felv, after being treated with eye drops, her eyes appear to be healthy, and she has just received her last round of vaccines and has been neutered. She was also checked for a urinary tract infection. We are beyond thrilled that this beautiful girl, Maize, was rescued from the streets and will not have to fend for herself ever again. ~ dianamaize-12216 maize-wrachel-g-12216

Palmer – Hit By A Car Resulting in a Broken Leg

1/10/17 – We were contacted by Make A Difference Rescue asking if we could help with a stray dog they had just rescued the night before. Palmer was thin, dirty and holding up his rear leg when a volunteer for the group came across him. He was immediately taken to Wilson’s Veterinary where it was confirmed that his leg was broken, probably hit by a car. Palmer is very sweet and we are happy that we could help give him a second chance at life.palmer-wmake-a-difference-11017

Pablo – Saved from the Streets; Now Living the Great Life

1/9/17 – Another happy update from one of our friends who rescued Pablo “Hi Diana, finally, here’s Pablo’s story pablowkellymurphyparchertt-123016pablos-x-mas-presentpablo-in-bed-1917
Love you all❤️❤️

Hello everybody. My name is Pablo, and I’m the newest fur baby to receive help from those wonderful people at 4 Paws 1 Heart. My new mom & dad found me wandering around their yard discarded, cold, and hungry. I have a long backstory and was lost along the way. Mom and dad made me a nice, little and warm, shelter. The neighbors Tom and Terri also helped care for me while mom and dad tried to figure things out. They took me to the cat doctor, and afterwards, they let me come live with them. I met my new brothers, Peanut, Jack (who 4 Paws also helped), and sister, Miss Kat. Now I am happy, healthy, and full, all thanks to 4 Paws 1 Heart, and mom & dad. They rescued me, and saved one more of us forgotten fur babies. Thanks to your continued donations I was saved. Also, if 

you do your shopping at AmazonSmile ( they will donate a portion of the sale to 4 Paws 1 Heart. It is because of your help, that little ones like me, can receive the help we so desperately need. Thank you 4 Paws 1 heart ❤️we are forever grateful

P.S. The random photos are:
Me living outside
Our new Christmas present
Me enjoying mom and dads king size bed
My brother Handsome Jack (now known as ‘Mr. August’ in the
4p1h calendar)

Me again, in my own bed and blankie
Christmas fun with our new toys and home grown cat nip mom
grew for us.
My brother Mr Peanut
And finally our big sister Miss Kat, who is the boss”


Isaac – Getting Fitted for His New Cart

1/8/17 – We wish our little Isaac could have had the same success as Chance but we are thankful that we can still be there for him by getting him a cart. The cart cannot be used 24/7 and without supervision but when his foster mom is there, Isaac can get some relief. A huge thank you to our Board member, Cynthia, who has done so much for this sweetheart. -diana

“Isaac went to his appointment last Wednesday to be fitted for his own cart. Isaac has hind leg paralysis at 8 weeks when the owner surrendered him. The cause of the paralysis is unknown. Isaac is good with withdrawal but no extensor muscle action to defy gravity, despite months of physical therapy and acupuncture paid for by 4 Paws 1 Heart. Isaac will never be able to walk or urinate on his own. Isaac gets around by pulling his whole body weight with his front legs. With that said he is a very healthy, happy and playful boy and would benefit greatly from a Hind Leg Cart. The cart would allow him to get around easier without having to drag his whole body. We have gotten in some donations for his cart already which we are very thankful for. If you would like to donate – Cynthia (Isaac’s foster mom)isaac-1717isaac-1717isaac-1717

West Branch Kittens – Very Ill and Alone on the Streets

1/6/17 – Let me apologize if you are a ‘dog person’ only and getting tired of seeing kittens and cats. As I’ve said so many times before, we don’t discriminate and the need for cats and kittens this year have been great. Based on my personal experience through 4p1h, I think there are many reasons — 1) cats have litters more often thus making for more cats and kittens on the streets, 2) people tend to ‘dump’ unwanted cats thinking they can fend for themselves, 3) there are more cats killed in shelters, consequently some of the cat rescues, strictly rescue shelter cats and not strays, and 4) I believe there are more organizations who rescue dogs than there are cats, consequently, creating a void for the many individuals who won’t turn their back on an animal in need. 4 Paws 1 Heart seems to have filled that void.
A friend of 4p1h, whom we’ve helped before, “stumbled’ across 4 4-month old kittens in West Branch, MI. The kittens were all very illl with upper respiratory infections. Fortunately, with a lot of love and care, they were healthy enough for their vaccines and neuter/spay (there are two girls and two boys). 4 Paws 1 Heart was happy to eliminate the possibility of more unwanted babies being born. ~ diana


Bridgette – Saved from a Home With Over 40 Dead and Live Cats

1/5/17 – A happy update about Bridgette. It was almost two years ago when she was rescued from a horrible situation where over 40 cats were living, some others were found dead. Our good friend from A Hopeful Heart worked very hard to rescue as many of them as possible and bring in the authorities. The story was also on the news. Unfortunately, unless the hoarder is helped, the hoarding will continue until, once again, the situation is reported and then we all start all over again. In this case, the hoarder refused all help and the husband continued to be an enabler. A very difficult situation for the humans, but a deadly situation for the poor animals. Thank God for Denise and her sister, Shell, for opening their hearts and homes. Bridgette is truly a little sweetheart who we enjoyed visiting a few weeks ago. ~ diana

“Heehee! Hellooo Team, its me..Bridgette again! Since its my Birthday, I get to do the nitenite post! So, for those who dont know my history I was rescued from a terrible hoarder house along with about 40 other kittys. Mom took me to foster me. I had a lot going on when I came. 4 Paws 1 Heart was there for all my medical. I had chronic crystals which is under control now. I also have chronic allergys and chronic asthma too. Despite that our amazing friend Annie wanted to adopt me! But when I went to Annies house, it turned out Annie had a severe, and I mean a SEVERE allergic reaction to me. She loved me sooo much and was so sad to have to send me back to moms house. I still love Annie very much, and she loves me too! Anyways, Im such a sweet girl that after that Chance, mom & Aunt Shelly decided they couldnt bear to part with me again, so they decided to keep me forever and ever I still have my asthma and allergies and I get medicine.We have to be very careful with my allergys but I am the Princess of the house and I love my family to the moon, and everybody loves snd spoils me…a lot!!! So there you have it, the story of my Second Chance. Sweet dreams everybody, we love you all bunches!”

Love, purrrs & woofs Bridgette, Chance & the Gang


Eenie, Meenie, Moe, Tum Tum, & Floofy – All Left Behind in a Vacant Home by Their Owners

1/5/17 – Why do people think they can leave their pets behind and that they will survive??? I guess it’s not a matter of ‘their thinking’ — it’s a matter of ‘they don’t really care’. When did so many people become so heartless and cruel. These 6 innocents were rescued after being found, left behind in a vacant home. They will all be spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and receive any other medical treatment necessary, complements of 4 Paws 1 Heart. ~ dianaeenie-wjo-addington-1417moe-wjo-add-1417meeny-wjo-add-1417 um-tum-floofy-wjo-add-1417