Trouble (aka Rudy) – In Trouble Again

1/1/17 – Unfortunately, Trouble (aka Rudy) was taken once again to Advanced Animal Emergency for a second time on New Year’s Day.

“Hi …..Rudy…I mean TROUBLE here. Yes, Mom changed it back to Trouble. It seems that I got myself in a bit of trouble….

Here is my story…the short version. New Years Day, Projectile vomitting, Mom had to leave saurkraut day to take me to Advanced Animal Emergency but she brought my new harem which includes Aunt Annie – Anne Sadowski and Auntie Lisa Lisa Marie Panczyk. Pictures of my belly were taken. Things looked funky so need to see a vet that can do an ultrasound. Anti- nausea med given. Home we go 3 1/2 hours. An hour later Mom told Dad we had to go back things weren’t right they took me back. I had a sleep over! got hydrated and anti-nausea meds! Felt better. Dr Van came in and took me to go for the ultrasound. Things were still funky and food was still in my tummy way way after 12 hours…sounds like blockage to me! Dr Van put me to sleep and took a peek inside – ah oh….I had trouble! I had intussusception again- Dr. Van took 19cm of my intestines out. Last time it was like 6-8 inches….I might run out of intestines!

The wonderful people at Advanced are taking great care of me and am slated to go home Weds. That’s my story…
Special thank you to 4 Paws 1 Heart for all they do- they pay medical expenses for homeless and abused animals – so please start out the new year right (UnLike me) and donate to their cause!

Mom here….please pray for Rudy and his recovery and for his Dr. and techs….he is so sweet and loving – our home is not the same without that nutty ball of fur.”

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