Carla – More of the Story

3/4/17 – This past Wednesday, I received a call from Megan of Friends of Scooby Rescue. She had been contacted about a cat who had been surrendered to Taylor Animal Shelter and was scheduled to be euthanized. This nine-week old sweetheart accidentally had a door closed on her resulting in the paralysis of her back legs. The accident happened ONE month prior. When Megan heard the story, she immediately thought of 4 Paws 1 Heart and what we’ve done with Chance, Isaac, and Faith. I immediately contacted Chance’s mom who, coincidentally, had already ‘tagged’ me about the soon-to-be killed kitten. To make a long story short. Chance’s mom (Denise) was thrilled to take on another kitty challenge and arrangements were made to get the baby out that night and brought to Team Chance. By Thursday, the kitten now known as ‘Carla’ (in honor of our recently deceased, Carlos) was on her way to The Kitty Clinic to get x-rays and be examined for blood in her urine. The good news is that Carla has a fractured pelvis. I say good news because at least we know what is causing the paralysis. Also, Denise has had experience with this condition in that she was the one who helped Soup recover fully. Carla was found to also have a urinary tract infection but she was negative for FIV/FeLV. On Monday, Carla will be assessed by Dr. Tari Kern to determine next steps. It truly takes a village of donors, rescuers, caretakers, and love to make a difference. You can see how just a little love over a 24 hour period made a difference in this sweetheart’s appearance. I will keep you updated. ~ dianacarla 1-3:3:17carla 3:4:17

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