Meadow – Resting Comfortably After Her Skin Graft

2/28/17 – Meadow Update – Meadow’s rescuer and foster mom picked her up yesterday and she is now resting comfortably after days in the hospital and some very difficult surgery. The foster mom says she is very frisky for all she has ben through. Meadow had two teeth pulled to help the jaw line up better and also had skin pulled up from the neck to cover the de-gloved area on her mouth and chin. There are many stitches plus one on each side of the jaw to hold the skin better.
Meadow would have never been able to be saved if it wasn’t for the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart and our generous donors. The kind people who rescued Meadow were conducting TNR which usually includes only spay/neuter and basic vaccines. They are not capable of paying for such expensive and extensive medical treatment as was needed by Meadow. Meadow must have been in pain for a long time and it’s just proof of the resilience of animals that she was still around to be saved. Please continue to say a prayer for Meadow because the possibilities of infections after skin grafts are significant and we want nothing more than for Meadow to heal and find her forever, loving home. ~ diana
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