Daisy and Kizzy – Living in a Crate in a Home Without Heat or Running Water

2/28/17 – Meet Daisy and Kizzy. They spent their life in a tiny crate in a home without heat, running water, and most of all love. A young couple who lived next door would hear the constant crying and barking from inside the house. They approached their neighbor and he surrendered the dogs to them. The couple knew they could not afford to keep these sweeties but decided that it was better to save them now and try to find them a good home. The person who contacted us had seen Daisy and Kizzy’s story and the request for help on facebook. They then contacted us to see if we could help, if she brought the animals to her home. Of course, we said “Yes”. They were taken to the vet last week where it was found that Daisy had an organism in her feces caused by drinking stagnant water or water that was contaminated with mouse/bug feces. Thank God, no heart worm. They were vaccinated and treated for the organism and they are now in their forever loving home. As you can see, these little puppies went from the ‘outhouse’ to the ‘penthouse’. ~ dianakizzy and daisy w:karen corless 2:27:17

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