Rogue – Wanting to Be Warm and Loved

2/25/17 – Last week, I received the following e-mail:

“Dear 4Paws 1Heart,
I have been feeding a stray cat for about six months now. Every night he comes and sits on my step looking in. My heart breaks as he seems to want the company and the light but he is extremely afraid and I am not able to touch him. When the weather got so cold, I put out a warming pad and a shelter of sorts. Recently I noticed that he seems to now have an injured leg. Maybe he should be live trapped and seen by a veterinarian. I thought perhaps you could help me.”

Thankfully, our good friend and kitty trapper, Rachel G., was able to trap this sweet heart and get him to a vet where it was found that Rogue is FIV positive, has a broken ankle and an abscess that had healed, and he wasn’t neutered. Thank God for our Village of friends, because another friend, Jo A., took Rogue into her home and will try to socialize him and place him.

It truly takes a village of caring people who are willing to spend their precious time and money for the good of those most vulnerable in our society. (p.s. sorry that the photo is dark but hopefully you can see what a beautiful Maine Coon he is.)

rogue w:janet w:joaddington
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