Charlie – 4 Years Ago He Was a Beaten Dog

4/17/17 – Happy Update on one of the 4,000 animals we’ve helped since August, 2010. Your donations give these animals not only a second chance in life, but they also ensure other unwanted animals will no longer be born. Donations can be made through paypal by using the donate link on this page or by mail at P.O. Box 84, St. Clair Shores, MI . 48080. Here was our first contact about Charlie:

“Dear Diana and Gina,
I’m writing to you because I’ve taken in a stray dog who is in need of urgent help. I found him in my neighborhood hanging out by an abandoned school. He was whimpering and clearly in rough shape, with swollen front legs and and part of his mouth hanging limp, so I brought him in to my vet. She speculated that he was likely a bait dog in a dog fighting ring. She also said that she believed that while his injuries were serious and would require surgery, he could be treated. Of course, given all he has been through, his psychological wounds would need a lot of attention as well. One of the vet techs told me about your organization, and I wanted to see if you would consider taking this very sweet boy on. I am currently keeping him in my back yard, feeding him and giving him the antibiotics and pain med prescribed by the vet.” ~ Leah”

With the help of 4 Paws 1 Heart and generous donations made through an on-line fundraiser conducted by Leah and with the help of TailWaggers, Charlie was treated. And, now, we are blessed to get this update and photo:

4/14/17 – “Here’s a picture I just took of Charlie, who 4 Paws 1 Heart helped make whole again almost 3 years ago, after he was used for dog fighting and abandoned in my neighborhood. He is a sweet, happy boy and is always making me laugh– like when he looks goofy with drool and tongue sticking out 🙂 ~ Leah”charlie w:leah wiste 4:17:17Charlie, 2013

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