Mickey – Found Drinking From a Puddle Near a Cemetery – Update

4/21/17 – Mickey was found near a local cemetery on a cold January day drinking water from a puddle.  Fortunately, a good samaritan rescued him but could not find his owner.  She contacted 4 Paws 1 Heart and Mickey was taken to a vet.  It was thought he had cherry eye.  What he had, was Entropion of the eye which required surgery.  He was also found to be heart worm positive.  Today he goes to the vet to get his last treatment and then he will be able to be neutered and on his way to finding his forever home.  mickey w:foster brother w:shayla westonHere he is in the back seat looking at his foster buddy.  Everyone at Five Mile Animal Hospital has fallen in love with this very sweet boy.  ~ diana

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