Boomer, Blake, Bethany – Rescued During Trap/Neuter/Return

5/19/17 – 4 Paws 1 Heart’s mission is to “Reduce the number of homeless animals by funding medical treatment for abandoned and stray companion animals”. In keeping with our mission, we are always happy to support those who work tirelessly in caring for community cats. This includes feeding, trapping, transporting to and from veterinary clinics, finding homes for the non-feral, and more often than not using their own funds. Cristen is one of those many people who we’ve been honored to assist. This is Boomer, Blake, and Bethany. Boomer and Blake are thought to be the males who have been impregnating several females in a cat community recently found by Cristen. Five mothers have been found with kittens. The kittens are being placed while the moms and males are being spayed/neutered and returned to the community (as appropriate). Please remember that it truly takes a village to make a difference. ~ dianaboomer and blake w:cristen jean 5:15:17bethany w:cristen jean 5:19:17

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