Jenny – Shot in the Leg, Emaciated, and Covered with Scars

5/22/17 – Please pray for Jenny. We recently received the following message from Bully Love Rescue asking if we could help.
“Jenny had been seen roaming the streets for about a week before a good Samaritan was able to lure her into their home the night of May 11. She’s been shot in her back left leg, she’s emaciated, has a severe skin infection, and is covered with scars. Jenny’s upper canines are broken down to the gum line and several of the smaller teeth are gone; her gum on the left upper side is even worn way down and, to top it off she’s heart-worm positive. It was initially believed that she was a senior but she’s only 1 or 2 years old. Jenny is a very loving girl that simply wants to lean on you and be loved on. She was brought to me on May 12th and is currently being treated with antibiotics. Unfortunately, Jenny’s broken teeth are starting to abscess but nothing can be done until heart worm treatment is completed. Consequently, the veterinarian has recommended that Jenny’s pre-heart worm treatment be cut short by two weeks.”

4 Paws 1 Heart is paying for Jenny’s heart worm treatment in hopes that she can soon be on the road to recovery. It breaks our heart to think of what this poor animal has experienced in her very short life and just pray with all of you that she can be healthy and loved for once in her life. ~ dianajenny w:terissa kerr 5:17:17

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2 comments on “Jenny – Shot in the Leg, Emaciated, and Covered with Scars

  1. Jenny looks like we’d love to love. How is she with dogs and cats?

    • Laura, I’m so sorry for the late response. If you are still interested in Jenny, she is with Bully Love Rescue,