Momma Kat and Kry Baby – Found Living Amongst Community Cats

4/27/17 – There are so many amazing people in our community. One such person is a volunteer for when of our favorite rescues, Tigerlily Cat Rescue. During her Spring break, she and another friend trapped/neutered/returned 22 cats. As many who have been involved in major TNR projects or who have cared for Community Cats know, very often domestic cats and kittens are found in the process. In those cases, attempts are made to find rescues who will take in the domesticated cats/kittens. Thankfully, All About Animals, is running a campaign now where all cats trapped by individuals will be neutered/spayed and receive a vaccination for free. 4 Paws 1 Heart has been asked to cover the costs of any additional medical required, such as a distemper vaccine, treatment for upper respiratory infections, flea/parasite treatment, etc. We are always happy to partner with anyone committed to reducing the number of unwanted animals. This is Momma Kat and Kry Baby. ~ diana

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